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VIP Parking Management System

  • One lens to recognize over 5 license plates
  • VIP parking lots reservation and monitoring
  • Mis-parking and illegal parking Alarm
  • Statistics and analysis of parking lot usage

Massive LPR System with Edge AI and LoRa

  • One camera monitors at least 8 parking slots
  • On-device edge inference for LPR and parking lots monitoring
  • LoRaWAN Long-range narrowband communication
  • Only the license plate number is transmitted, instead of image or video, which protects privacy

Smart Car Park System

  • Parallel parking vehicle tracking and LPR
  • Statistics and analysis of parking lot usage
  • Mis-parking and illegal parking Alarm: a fuel vehicle parking in an e-vehicle slot

Green Parking with Edge AI Camera for Carpoolers and Electric Vehicle Drivers

  • This project is to design a sustainable, smart and cost-effective parking system to incentivize carpooling and improve the utilization of EV charging stations in the campus. The core of the enabling technology is an edge AI camera we have designed for license plate recognition (LPR) and vacancy detection.
The Smart Car Park Solution is powered by Innovative Multi-function Edge AI Platform