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Building a Smart and Safe IoT City to Support Fast Search for Mentally Incapacitated People

「友里蹤跡」Caring Communities for MIP Campaign (CCMC) – Searching for missing as fast as possible.

「友里蹤跡」Caring Communities for MIP Campaign (CCMC) 

The 「友里蹤跡」 community project is an advanced initiative designed to locate missing mentally incapacitated people (MIP). Through the 「友里蹤跡」 app and the 「守護蹤」 device, family members and caregivers can easily report missing MIP’s information. The public can also become 「耆跡天使」 assisting in locating the missing individuals promptly. The aim is to ensure their safe return and promote a MIP-friendly community.

Project Scope: Fast Search and Rescue for Missing Mentally Incapacitated Persons (MIPs)

Through our sophisticated mobile app and state-of-the-art smart boxes, we go beyond simply providing valuable clues in case of MIP loss. Our technology also enables seamless geofencing management for both individual targets and entire groups, ensuring enhanced control and security without unnecessary exaggeration.

Potential Missing People

Every year, approximately 2,000 individuals are reported missing (1,934 in 2020 and 2,148 in 2021). This can result in over 10,000 hours of search and rescue efforts. To address this issue, we propose a novel fast search and rescue plan based LoRa and BLE technologies along with smart tags and angel boxes (which can be installed in fixed locations or any vehicles) to establish a search network throughout our city. This innovative approach will help to expedite the search and rescue process.

Pioneering Research in Searching for Missing Individuals

We are the pioneering team that initiated and conducted extensive foundational research, solely dedicated to locating missing individuals. Our research achievements include numerous published papers and patent applications, all aimed at refining the efficiency and precision of missing person searches.

LoRa and BLE Technology

Our LoRa and BLE smart tags excel in search missions. Versatile tracking, low energy consumption, and simplified deployment. Crucial for diverse scenarios, with customized localization tailored to specific user habits.

Crowd-Sourcing Technology

Crowdsourcing technology aids in searching and rescuing missing people by utilizing the collective efforts of a diverse group to gather information and assist in locating the individuals.

Reinforcement Learning

The reinforcement learning will guide UAV movement without scanning all the possible areas for collecting RSSl, thus reducing localization time and improving searching efficiency.



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