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Technology Advantages

  1. Complements GPS-based solutions, bridging gaps
  2. Harnessing crowd power: Promoting social awareness and cooperation
  3. Long lifetime: 1-year battery life without charging
  4. Highly portable: Small and lightweight (around 1 inch diameter)
  5. Low cost: Affordable fixed tag cost, crowdsourced data from angels with low data rate, possible minimal monthly service charge
  6. Responsive: Beaconing interval of 1-3 seconds
  7. Long range: Up to 100m (compared to traditional 30m)
  8. Cost-effective infrastructure: Phone apps or Android boxes (e.g., Raspberry Pi)
  9. Works both outdoor and indoor
  10. Privacy and security focus

Powerful Angel Box

Introducing the “Powerful Angel Box” – an advanced signal collection device. It detects Bluetooth and LoRa signals, adaptable for fixed or mobile use, even on smart lamps or drones. With Wi-Fi (4G/5G) and PoE connectivity, communication is seamless. Precise location tracking enabled by the built-in GPS module. Easy monitoring and control through the management backend system.

Smart Tags

Our smart tags, incorporating both LoRa and BLE technologies, are designed to be indispensable in search missions. With their versatility, they excel in tracking and fulfilling various operational requirements, making them an essential asset for diverse scenarios. The low energy consumption and simplified deployment further enhance their effectiveness, ensuring reliable and efficient long-range localization tailored to specific user habits.

Underpinning Research and Patent-Pending Technology

Mobile Crowdsourcing

S.-H. G. Chan and J. Tan, “Cooperative Target
Tracking and Signal Propagation Learning Using Mobile Sensors,” US full patent granted
(US Patent No. 11,525,890 B2), 13 December 2022

BLE Distance Estimation

T. He, J. Tan, W. Zhuo, M. Printz and S.-H. Chan, “Tackling Multipath and Biased Training Data for IMU-Assisted BLE Proximity Detection,” in Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications (IEEE INFOCOM), 2-5 May, 2022. (cutting memory by 90% and extend battery lifetime by 60% for IoT device)

Drone Coarse Search

Fast coarse search by drones with LoRa using environment-agnostic reinforcement learning (deep Q-learning)