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Project L-Homecoming 2.0 kicked off

Operations (OPS) of New Territories South (NTS), in collaboration with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) and the Jockey Club Centre for Positive Ageing, launched Project L-Homecoming in 2021. The project aimed to locate missing elders with dementia promptly by integrating the community network and technology.

Given the remarkable success of the project, NTS launches Project L-Homecoming 2.0, the coverage of which has extended to other groups of missing persons at risk, including people with mental illnesses and the mentally handicapped. New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (NLPRA) and Hong Chi Association (HCA) have been invited to join the project.

OPS NTS held its Project L-Homecoming 2.0 Kick-off cum Awards Presentation Ceremony at the NTS Regional Headquarters on August 31. Regional Commander of NTS (RC NTS) Mak Chin-ho signed a partnership agreement with the representatives of HKUST, NLPRA and HCA. They jointly officiated at the ceremony to kick off the project. Representatives from major social welfare organisations and property management companies in the Region were also invited to the ceremony, with a view to expanding the service coverage of the project. It was also hoped that the Bluetooth positioning device Angel Box could be installed in shopping centres and public housing estates to facilitate tracking missing persons.

Moreover, to enhance the capability of officers within NTS in handling persons with suspected mental illnesses, Hospital Chief Executive of Kwai Chung Hospital Dr Desmond Nguyen and his team were invited to share their experience in handling patients with suspected mental illness. During the ceremony, five security personnel and three citizens were commended for assisting the Force in locating missing persons at risk successfully. Three family members of missing persons at risk previously located by the Force presented letters of appreciation to the officers who assisted in locating their family members and praised their devotion to duty.

RC NTS thanked all the participants, Kwai Chung Hospital, property management companies and partners who supported the project. With their active participation and collaboration, the project’s goal of “joining